Testing and R&D Consulting

Testing and R&D Consulting

Anti-Bacterial Testing

Disc inhibition, disc diffusion testing samples against bacteria or fungi - 3 replicates per sample - ($300 per bacteria/fungi or a package $600 for 3 bacteria/fungi).

For kill rate testing the cost will increase by $200.

We can also do more customized testing, however cost for that would be dependent upon the protocol that needs to be followed. These prices are approximately $1500 for a set of 3 batches to be tested.

Electrochemistry Tests

$150 for first sample and $75 for a secondary sample and $50 for any additional sample.

Reactions in Supercritical CO2 and Other Supercritical Fluids

Lab scale synthetic reactions cost = $40 per hour + cost of reagents

Microwave Synthesis and Reactions

Lab scale synthetic reactions cost = $40 per hour + cost of reagents

Consulting Services

Consultation fee for advice on making processes environmentally friendly: depends on the requested job.

Intermediate Scale/ Medium Scale Custom Synthesis

We can offer scale-up (e.g. making a few hundred grams to a few Kg of specialty materials e.g. polymers, nanoparticles etc.). Cost would be $500 per 100g of product + reagent costs.

CO2 Capture Measurements

$40 per hour

For orders and inquiries, please contact the Testing Services Coordinator.