Custom Made Materials

We can provide following materials for sale based on orders. The cost depends on the size of the order and will be discussed case by case:

Polymers Synthesized via Free Radical Polymerization

Polymers and co-polymers including styrene and styrene derivatives, acrylates, cationic, anion or non-ionic vinyl based polymers including cross-linked rheological modifiers, or absorbent polymers such as cross-linked PAA.

Conductive Polymers

Polypyrrole, polyaniline, etc.

Conductive composite materials for pressure sensors and other applications.

Antimicrobial Polymers

Natural and synthetic


Gold, titanium dioxide, copper, silver or zinc oxide nanoparticles (solution, or powder samples).

Magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic polymer composites.

Dicarboxylic acids

Alfa brominated dicarboxylic acids of 5-9 carbon chains.

Ionic Liquids

Custom synthesis of IL’s, imidazolium, quaternary ammonium and protic ionic liquids

Cosmetic Formulations

Lotions, soaps and other cosmetic formulations could be made on request

For orders and inquiries, please contact the Custom Materials Coordinator.