Other Technologies

ChemGreen holds IP assets for other novel materials and processes

Another category of conductive polymer developed is the least expensive material for solar hydrogen generation with reasonable yield.

While working in this area, we also developed a new instrument for in situ Hydrogen generation without perturbing the system and the same instrument can be used to measure CO2 capture easily and very accurately (most accurate for low pressure applications).

ChemGreen has developed a microbial sensor which can be used for checking sanitation effectiveness on any surface.

The sensor is able to detect the presence of a microbe on a surface (such as a medical instrument or a wall etc.) and upon scanning using a low cost scanner identify the contamination. This technology can be linked to an RFID system enabling real-time monitoring as well.

A new green method to make gold nanoparticles with application in radiation therapy and catalysis (game changing).

This has potential to revolutionize the radiation therapy and could also have many applications in Nuclear/ radiation industry.