ChemGreen has developed polymeric materials which have magnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and potentially superconductive (at low temperatures) properties.

Some applications for this material include, high performance pressure sensitive tapes, construction materials such as drywall or wallpaper that will identify infrastructure material (plumbing, electrical, HVAC etc.) behind walls upon scanning, smart or intelligent textiles and fabrics, magnetic shielding to electromagnetic eavesdropping of sensitive government buildings, to shield sensitive electronic devices including devices for the defense and aerospace industry.  Medical applications such as MRI instruments to increase their scanning capability, cancer treatment by destruction of tumor tissue through the action of high-frequency magnetic fields,  targeted drug delivery.

Potential Applications

  • Magnetic Shielding

  • Electromagnetic Discharge (EMD) Shielding

  • MRI Instruments

  • Construction Materials

  • Plumbing & Electrical Detection Tapes