Conductive Polymers

One of the materials we developed is a very sensitive to pressure plastic that can transform the pressure to the change in electric signal.

ChemGreen Innovation Inc. has developed polymeric materials which have conductive properties and biodegradability features. These are mostly based on Nano-composite materials. The material is also anti-static shock resistant and could be used to detect the air flow at different places in airplane if we coat metals with it. This material was developed for a Canadian company for use in a unique technology they developed for measuring stress on bottles in a conveyor bottling system. Other applications include patient rehabilitation, footwear, sporting equipment etc.
Our conductive polymers can be combined with pulp or paper to produce drywall or wall paper which can be used to prevent electronic eavesdropping of sensitive government, law enforcement and other buildings. Other markets where the conductive polymer technology could have a competitive advantage include Antistatic Coatings, Transparent Conductive Films, E-papers, Technical Textiles, Controlled drug release via conductive polymers, and Electronic Noses.

Potential Applications

  • Pressure Monitoring for Bottling, Medical, Sports & Security Industries

  • Solar Cells

  • Battery Applications

  • Smart Textiles & Fabrics

  • Electromagnetic Discharge (EMD) Shielding

  • Cost-Effective Hydrogen Generation

  • LEDs

  • High Temperature Resistant Semiconductors